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NZ Mature Sex

 Mature NZ Men seeking Mature Sex... Listings
 Men seeking Men 1,788
 Men seeking Women 33,185
 Men seeking Couples (man and woman) 3,855
 Men seeking Groups 2,868
 Men seeking Couples (2 women) 8,346
 Men seeking Couples (2 men) 640
 Men seeking TS/TV/TG 1,035
 Mature NZ Woman seeks Mature Sex...  
 Woman seeks Men 2,324
 Woman seeks Women 1,734
 Woman seeks Couples (man and woman) 641
 Woman seeks Groups 358
 Woman seeks Couples (2 women) 485
 Woman seeks Couples (2 men) 279
 Woman seeks TS/TV/TG 80
 Mature NZ Swingers (man/woman) looking for Mature Sex...  
 Swingers (man and woman) looking for Men 464
 Swingers (man and woman) looking for Women 1,989
 Swingers (man and woman) looking for Couples (man and woman) 1,401
 Swingers (man and woman) looking for Groups 477
 Swingers (man and woman) looking for Couples (2 women) 565
 Swingers (man and woman) looking for Couples (2 men) 111
 Swingers (man and woman) looking for TS/TV/TG 70
 Mature NZ Groups looking for Mature Sex...  
 Groups looking for Men 7
 Groups looking for Women 29
 Groups looking for Couples (man and woman) 13
 Groups looking for Groups 21
 Groups looking for Couples (2 women) 18
 Groups looking for Couples (2 men) 4
 Groups looking for TS/TV/TG 3
 Mature NZ Couples (2 women) wanting to meet for Mature Sex...  
 Couples (2 women) wanting to meet Men 17
 Couples (2 women) wanting to meet Women 38
 Couples (2 women) wanting to meet Couples (man and woman) 12
 Couples (2 women) wanting to meet Groups 10
 Couples (2 women) wanting to meet Couples (2 women) 38
 Couples (2 women) wanting to meet Couples (2 men) 5
 Couples (2 women) wanting to meet TS/TV/TG 0
 Mature NZ Guys (2 men) searching for Mature Sex...  
 Guys (2 men) searching for Men 21
 Guys (2 men) searching for Women 16
 Guys (2 men) searching for Couples (man and woman) 4
 Guys (2 men) searching for Groups 8
 Guys (2 men) searching for Couples (2 women) 11
 Guys (2 men) searching for Couples (2 men) 18
 Guys (2 men) searching for TS/TV/TG 0
 Mature NZ TS/TV/TG want Mature Sex contacts...  
 TS/TV/TG want to contact Men 43
 TS/TV/TG want to contact Women 45
 TS/TV/TG want to contact Couples (man and woman) 29
 TS/TV/TG want to contact Groups 18
 TS/TV/TG want to contact Couples (2 women) 26
 TS/TV/TG want to contact Couples (2 men) 18
 TS/TV/TG want to contact TS/TV/TG 52

* Copyright www.adultfriendfinder.com. Statistics as at mid October 2007. Members 40+. Estimates to within 10%.